Thursday, October 20, 2011


You don't even need to meet Tobias to know that he is going to be a Bacardi-swigging, Bombay Sapphire guzzling yahoo who wouldn't dream of allowing something as common as bitter or lager to pass his lips. Nope it is these, or Grey Goose, or nothing for Tobias. If he wants to slum it, he'll have a Martini. I suspect he came out carrying a leather briefcase, looking like the posh kid from The Inbetweeners.

To summarise, England were dumped out of the 2011 Rugby World Cup after a string of poor performances. Their best player over that time was named Tobias. There is no need to say more.


Blogger Yukehunt said...

why has this not been updated since October last year? This is hysterical, am sure there will have been a fine amount of worthy additions over the last 12 months!

12:54 pm  

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