Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FALINE Logan-Griffin - a sister for CALIA

You named your kid after Bambi's girlfriend? What the heck were you thinking? Did you not know that she was also his cousin, yet had his babies? What kind of sick life are you planning for your child?

And I hope Calia is a boy, otherwise you named your eldest daughter 'Bush'.


Blogger Yellow said...

I've just been told about this blog and the comments really divide into 3 categories either:

1) Anti snob still fighting some sort of 1980's class war, or

2) A bully picking on anyone who is just a bit different, or

3) A bit racist - "never heard that name before..." kind of comment. Other cultures and societies do have different names - clearly you don't have much exposure to or empathy with other cultures

There are clearly some names that are plain wrong, but this blog widely oversteps the mark.

3:31 pm  

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